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Twitter advances on tens of millions of suspicious accounts today

By now, you or your favorite “tweleb” or tweep have noticed changes in the number of followers or following. Twitter alerted the audience on the forthcoming process of cleaning out all the inactive Twitter accounts starting on 11th December 2019.

Alas, the process seems to have kicked in out-of-doors from apprehension as many tweeters are finding an unusual slash of their followers or following today. Twitter envisages that this major new effort intends to restore trust on the popular but embattled platform.

It is also imperative that you keep your handle safe by avoiding follow trains, third-party apps that generate automated following, retweets/likes and any other action that may break the Twitter rules. Adequately check through the timelines of your followers and following to sieve out the inactive ones and robots (bots).

That’s it for now, the Touchvert team will update you on any new developments as per this Twitter clean up process.

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